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nirvana is coined by lord Buddha when he was sitting below the boddhi tree seeking freedom from the misery of the world, nirvana is not just a term it's a feeling of being liberated,freedom from the daily stress and strains of life,experience this feeling at nirvana spa'n'wellness centre.The wellness centre is located in the heart of South delhi at GK-2,The spa features 4 multi therapy spa rooms ,couples room ,Ayurveda section along with a natural foot spa section amidst a corridor of green leaves twinned around bamboos giving a very natural look to the spa, The nerve soothing fragrance of essential oils,everlasting tranquilizing music taking you to a state of trance, natural traditional ambience with sothing colours, and textures, with our service credo'

  • Every guest is a king.
  • Every request is an opportunity.
  • Ever look is a smile.
  • Our service is special.

Welcome to the whole new world of relaxation ,rejuvenation and revival.


Ms Roma shikarpuri

Aesthetician & cosmetologist Spa cidesco, Cidesco, Diploma in Spa/Hair, Ayurveda, Yoga,Thai, Thai foot

"My whole concept behind starting nirvana is to provide the stressed out people of high tech satellite city of delhi a place to unwind, relax, rejuvenate and at the same time heal their mind , body and soul with our traditional Asian and Western therapies. We emphasize more on Quality of therapy, Hygeine of the spa, when I look at spas around I feel spa services come with a hefty price tag, hence my sole intention of starting nirvana is to provide value for money services, If you go through our price list you will drive the point I am making, I strongly believe that spa therapys,along with Ayurveda and yoga can provide answers to many lifestyle related disorders which we are facing today. The health benefits of spa therapys has been scientifically authenticated spa therapys go far beyond the realms of relaxation.the new buzz for spa therapys is healing and detoxification more than relaxation,we can say today that spa is more of an obligation than luxury for most of the people,At nirvana we have integrated services like Ayurveda, Thai,Foot,Westerntherapys, Facials, yoga,etc. Its like a one stop solutions for all kinds of holistic therapys and mental solace."

Multitalented with expertise in all the facets of wellness,International Aesthetian ,Cosmetologist ,Skincare consultant and an ayurvedic expert, well experienced worked at all levels of spa industry,completed Hair from Habibs and Pivot point international,Cidesco an international diploma in body and beauty therapy along with a Diploma in ayurveda from blossom kochhar, Spa-cidesco from Seema'sinstitute,international diploma in Thai body and Thai foot massage from Watpothai medical school in Thailand, Diploma in yoga from Yoga institute in Mumbai ,extremely creative in training and reinventing various techniques of body and face work.

Dr. Pritam Raj

Well experienced worked in all the departments of spa industry right from the level of therapist to the level of director an Ayurvedic medical doctor from R.A.PODDAR medical college in Mumbai,completed his Cidesco, Cibtac and Spa Cidesco also from Mumbai at Seema institute, Thai body and Thai foot massage from Watpo,Thai traditional medical school at Thailand, Diploma in yoga from the Yoga institute in Mumbai.

"The whole idea behind nirvana is to offer a place where people can rediscover themselves with our soulfully inspired therapies,we emphasize more on the healing aspect of spa therapies,The spa offers cross-gender services in a very professional and aesthetic manner which is currently the need of the hour,Do visit us once to know what nirvana is all about"

They both have personally trained all the therapist in all the spa body and face work along with Ayurveda, we believe that complete relaxation is not possible without healing.


At Nirvana spa'n'wellness centre our therapist and Aestheticians impart their expert touch upon your physical body, incorporating the contemporary,traditional techniques with the western style of therapys, The effect of these therapys will resonate in your core for days to come,Indulge yourself in this everlasting nirvana spa moments and carry back special memories.

nirvana reflects the true blend of Indian culture with the team of therapist coming from different parts of India. nirvana offers cross gender as well as gender to gender therapy in a very professional and standard manner. All the therapists have undergone hundreds of hours of rigorous training. They have undergone multiple tests to ensure that they are performing at the optimum level and are guest ready.