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Ayurveda ,the science of life or the way of life is the ancient traditional science of healing,relaxation,rejuvenation and revival According to ayurveda the diseases or disorders are caused due to imbalance in our tridoshas ,malas,dhatus and also in satva, rajas and tamas doshas which directly impacts our mind,body and soul Diseases are just not physical,they are psychsomatic in nature, Our lifestyle,food,thought process everything has an effect on our body,it is very important to live a healthy lifestyle in order to have a disease free life A healthy lifestyle creates a healthy mind ,body and soul which can easily resist the external agents of disease,if u r system is strong it can resist anything and everything At nirvana we strive hard towards your commitment for a vibrant health We first analyze your body Constitution to figure out the imbalance or the dominant doshas and then we try to detoxify your system through specific panchkarma therapies,after detoxification u can undergo rejuvenating therapies to revive your body

At nirvana spa n wellness centre we provide all kinds of ayurveda therapies ,which are personally done by our ayurveda experts and doctors,we have a dedicated ayurveda room to perform all kinds of detoxifying,relaxing and rejuvenating treatments.

Experience this age old science in its pristine,authentic and glorified form only at nirvana spa'n'wellness centre Walkinn for a free consultation with our in-house Ayurveda doctor to understand what nirvana is all about.

Nirvama Philosphy

At nirvana we follow a completely different approach to cure your problems , we first analyze you according to the ayurvedic philosophy of doshas,Through Panchkarma therapys we try to detoxify your system internally and externally,once your health is retained then we make you do certain specific yoga through which you can maintain your healthy status quo,Do walk in for a free ayurvedic  consultation with our Ayurvedacharya