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Welcome to Nirvana spa 'n' wellness centre!

Nirvana spa'n'wellness centre is an oasis of peace,tranquility and self consciousness The most genuine and authentic day spa in South Delhi which caters to entire range of beauty and body therapies "The essence of an authentic therapy lies with the synchronization of the therapist and the client,it all starts with thevindroduction of the therapist to the client,which is the first mode of interaction a kind of reassurance that u r in the hands of the expert,when the therapy starts the touch and the warmth of the therapist along with her rhythm,pressure and the harmonization of the strokes along with 100% participation of the therapist mind,body and soul makes the whole experience holistic,the guest walks out of the spa feeling quite relaxed,lighter in mind and thoughts and enlightened about his physical self" This is what nirvana spa'n'wellness centre believe this is our core value,we strive hard to make the entire spa experience a memorable one.


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