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At nirvana spa'n'wellness centre we use natural products derived from ayurveda and aromatherapy, The oils used for the massages are basically the blend of olive,apricot and almond with the essence of different aromatic oils depending on the season,we use different flavours of aromatic oils like tea tree,lavender,myrhh,jasmine,cedarwood,rosemary,ylang young to name a few,the client can smell the oil and select a specific blend,we generally have 3 blends of oil at any given time.

The polishes,and masks used on body are made of raw,indigenous,herbs derived from plants ,we provide an array of choice in scrub like jasmin for scented skin,neem & those for problematic skin,rose and geranium for sensitive skin,brown sugar with Shea butter for dry skin,etc Apart from this we have different types of mask like mud mask,clay mask,sandalwood,aloe vera with cypress for detoxification

Facial product used in nirvana spa'n'wellness centre are from Cheryl's a sister concern of lo real,we also use raw ayurveda herbs for ayurveda facials,a complete kit of natural herbs from ayurveda for the entire ritual of facial

It is our constant endeavour to use products which are least sensitive to the skin and at the same time can produce the desired result